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Twitter Sock Drive

We’re wrapping up our Twitter Sock Drive tomorrow. So if you haven’t already followed us on Twitter, please do so by tomorrow! For every follower we are giving a new pair of socks to Hannah’s Socks– a charity that gives to those in need!

Socks are one item that is desperately needed at shelters. Your follow will mean warm socks for someone in need. Read more about Hannah’s Socks here.

How to Wear Socks

High, dark-colored socks make the bottom part of your leg look skinnier, which is good. Unfortunately, this makes your thighs/upper leg look disproportionate. One way to balance the proportions is to pair the socks with a flouncy ruffled skirt that hits above the knee.

Another option is to wear the socks with a textured or pleated skirt, which also gives you a good dose of volume.

Layering a long jacket or trench that also hits above the knee at the same point as the skirt makes the socks look good.

If you wear over the knee socks, it looks cool to keep your outfit monochromatic – or at least keep the skirt (or shorts) and the socks in the same basic color range.

Wear the socks with loafers, high-heeled oxfords, or narrow plain sneakers like Keds.

Source: Fashionista

Get the Look- American Idol Style

On American Idol, Katelyn Epperly had the over-the-knee socks style.

From the Sun Times:

• Katelyn Epperly, 19, West Des Moines, Iowa. She wowed at the Chicago auditions, and certainly looks the part of a star. She could have a career in pop music based on her curly blond hair alone. The kicky over-the-knee purple socks were a nice touch.

Get the “kicky” look with K. Bell Socks!
K. Bell Socks get the look


Leighton Meester Wearing Socks with Sandals; SJP Likes Fishnets

Leighton Meester wears socks with sandals
From the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar

Get the Look
Get Leighton’s look with an ankle sock from K. Bell Socks. Comes in a two-pack- one black pair, one white pair.
Black Ankle Socks

To get Sarah Jessica Parker’s fishnet style, try our Fishnet Knee Highs. And they’re on sale!
Fishnet Knee High Cute!

Socks at Fashion Week

Socks are big this year at Fashion Week.

From Marie Claire:

Alexander Wang’s show began with supermodel Natalia Vodianova wearing a buttoned up tailored pinstripe jacket. And thigh-high socks. Yes folks, there’s a trendspot from the off – many of Wu’s models were styled with legwarmers/socks that stopped midway up the thigh teamed with long jackets, short skirts or long shorts.

Get that look:

K. Bell Over the Knee Socks

Thigh high socks

Photo credit: Sarah Pebworth

Twitter Sock Drive

For every follower on Twitter, we are donating a new pair of socks to Hannah’s Socks. 10 year old Hannah collects new socks to distribute to those in need.

From their website:

They were able to collect and donate over 100 pairs around Toledo. Over two more years, and with amazing support from friends and family, they distributed nearly 10,000 total pairs of socks to partner shelters.

Doris and husband Vic quickly discovered that of all the materials donated to shelters, new socks and undergarments are given the least and needed the most. They created Hannah’s Socks with the goal of addressing that problem, and they need your help.

You can help simply by following us on Twitter.