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Where Do All The Socks Go?

Lost Sock Memorial Day is almost here, and to honor all those missing socks we thought we’d get to the bottom of it- where do all those socks go?

Here are some theories:
Missing socks chart

Tell us in comments or on Twitter– Where do you think all the missing socks go?

You could win FREE K. Bell Socks just for answering! Our missing socks correspondents will pick from the answers given!

The Best Fashion Advice Your Mother Gave You…

Mother’s Day is May 9, and we thought we would honor Mothers by compiling their words of wisdom. While not all Mothers may be as fashionable as Miranda and Charlotte, from Sex and the City, they still mean well!

What advice did your Mother give you about fashion that maybe at the time you didn’t value, but you do now? Was it funny? brutally honest? or just a random statement?

Tell us in comments or on Twitter– any fashion tips, hints, “I told you so’s”, or advice from Mom.

We’ll select some answers to get free K. Bell Socks!

TV Moms- Which One Are You?

Which TV Mom are you like, or which one best represents your Mother?

Mrs. Brady- Kind and with snazzy fashion sense.
Socks For Mom

We think Mrs. Brady would wear these peace lovin’ socks.

Mrs. Huxtable- Intelligent, and she could tell when Cliff was up to something.
Socks for Mother's Day

We think Mrs. Huxtable would wear microfiber tights, for those courtroom scenes.

Mrs. Simpson- Sweet, and a tad naive.
Socks for Mother

We think Mrs. Simpson would wear love socks even if she doesn’t play tennis, she’s just a romantic.

Don’t forget- Mother’s Day is May 9!

Luxe Life Event Benefitting Susan G. Komen For the Cure

We are excited to be a part of the Luxe Life Pink Carpet Event this Sunday.

Event details:

A Shopping & Beauty Event that benefits Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Los Angeles County.

Sunday, April 25th, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles

You can buy tickets online here.

Shopping for a good cause- a great way to spend the day!

10 Ways to Reuse Old Socks

Recycle socks for Earth Day

For Earth Day we thought we’d compile a list of some things you can do with old socks, or for when one sock goes missing. Don’t just toss that lone sock! Add your suggestions in the comments or on our Facebook Fan page.

Recycled Crafts– turn the sock into a sock puppet, bunnies or chicks.

Cleaning– Use old socks for cleaning/dust rags. Put over your hands and get those blinds!

Shine– Polish up shoes or furniture.

Garage– Use old socks to keep grease and oil from getting on surfaces.

Packing– Use as a shoe cover when putting shoes in your suitcase.

Heating pad– Take a sock, fill with rice, tie or sew up the end and use as a rice bag that you heat in the microwave (heat for just a few minutes, microwave times will vary).

Style– Wear mismatched socks! Who says they have to match?

Bottle Cover– Cut the end off the sock and put over the neck of a bottle of cooking oil, or anything else that drips. Or- put the sock on the bottom of kitchen condiments that get messy, like honey.

Fragile– Put glasses, goggles, a camera or anything else that you want to protect in a sock.

Donate– Your local donation store might take old socks to use for various reasons, or check out The Mismatched Sock.

Tell us- what do you do with old socks?

Free Socks for Moms Contest

Free Socks at K. Bell
Next week is all about Moms!

Leading up to Mother’s Day, we’re giving away socks to Moms on Facebook and Twitter. How can Moms win? You’ll have to follow us to find out! (It’ll be fun, we can tell you that!)

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This is our way of thanking Moms for all they do!