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Wearable Greetings to Send to Your Camper!

Summer camp is coming up quickly! Sending your kids off can be a hard thing to do and making sure you send them off with all the right things is a feat in itself. While the kids are away, you will want to let them know you are always thinking of them, so send them some “Socks with Thoughts”! Not only will it make them smile to get something from back home, but our little no show socks are sure to get tons of use too!!! There’s tons of options from BFF’s to Birthdays, we’ve got you covered!
Good Luck, Congratulations, Celebrate-3 Pair Pack

Happy+Birthday, Sunshine To/From, Happy Birthday
BFF’s, Happy+Birthday, Rockin’ Birthday-3 Pair Pack

Socks through the Eras

It’s always fun to look back through history and see what there was in comparison to what we have now, especially in fashion! So we thought it might be a great little history lesson to show you some of the most fun sock trends through the last several decades! Which are your favorite?
1920’s & 1930’s golfer socks

1940’s knitted socks

1950’s bobby socks

1960’s all mod

1970’s athletic tube socks

1980’s scrunchy socks

1990’s knee high socks

Today we’ve got a little bit of it all!!!

The Ankle Sock

“Fresh off the runway, the ankle sock is returning to stores as the hosiery of choice under anything from sultry sandals to boyish brogues. Sheer nylons keep the feet cool for summer, while cotton pointelles offer an all-weather option. Ankle bands range from unfinished rolled hems to lace-trimmed versions. Doublecloth constructions with contrast prints on each side present an ingenious two-in-one option.”
If you are loving this look as much as we are check out some of our options!

Cluny lace straight up ankle sock

Open crochet anklet sock

Relaxed top crew sock
Wear them a little scrunched down for some added texture and volume!
words via.

Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Did you know that today is Take Your Dog to Work Day? Well it is! Fawn, our design & merchandise manager, was able to grab a few snap shots of her lovely pugs, Foxxy Brown & Royce working away!

All they need now are some little argyle socks and they are hired!!!
Check out this website to learn more about Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Meet Etta, the feline sock thief!

While rummaging around through our twitter yesterday we were suprised to read about Etta, a sock stealing cat from Norway!!! We were so interested in her love for socks that would couldn’t help but interview her!

What kind of cat are you?
I’m a moggy. A Norwegian moggie. I’m a little over two years old. My matmor (that’s Norwegian for “food mother”) thinks I have a bit of forest cat in me – I am tall and long and lanky with a very thick coat. I’m still not quite used to being so big. I fall over myself a lot. When I was a kitten, I looked like a furry bat – I had huge ears and an even bigger nose. Luckily, I’ve grown into the ears. The nose is distinctly Roman.

When did you first start stealing socks?
Probably at about three months old. Matmor would fold her socks and put them in the laundry basket before she put them away. I’d pull out the balls of socks out of the basket and play football with them. Then I discovered that you could unroll them! Sock football was so much fun that I started keeping one sock for later. I’d take them into the cupboard in the office and stash them there with some of my other favourite things – a couple of balls of wool I stole from the knitting basket, some chew toys, a feather from my favourite feather stick and an old pair of matmor’s glasses I found. They make a great boingy sound when you thwack the wings. It was fantastic until matmor discovered my secret stash. It took her almost a year to work out where her socks were going though, so that just proves that humans aren’t as clever as they think they are.

Do have a preference of right or left socks? If so, do they serve a
different purpose to you?

I hadn’t thought about that. I prefer my socks to to be too worn and it’s best if they’re clean. I have to carry them round in my mouth, you see.

Do you like tall socks or short socks more? Any reason?
Frankly, I take whatever I can get. Mostly they’re short socks, if I’m liberating socks from around the house. My matmor has a couple of pairs of big, thick greasy wool socks she brought back the last time she went to Australia – they would be great for my stash (Imagine cuddling up on those! It would be so toasty warm!). But they’re too thick to steal without arousing suspicion. In the summer, it’s all cotton socks all the time. They’re good for carrying. Woolly socks give your hairballs. But I’d still like some.

Have you ever been caught in the act of stealing socks? Was there

No, but I think I blew my own cover by bringing in those Winnie the Pooh socks earlier this week. I left them out for matmor to see. Big mistake. She did catch me trying to make off with a ball of wool once – she just laughed and took the ball off me. It’s OK though, I waited until she was at work, found the wool, took it to my hiding spot in the cupboard and unwound the whole skein! It was alpaca wool. It makes the best knots.

How does your human feel about your thieving ways? Has your human had to return the socks?
When I was only stealing hers, she thought it was funny. Now that I’ve branched out? She’s embarrassed. We live in an old courtyard and there’s a sandpit and slide and stuff set up for all the kids who live here. That’s where you find the socks – no one likes playing in a sandpit with their socks on, luckily. She takes them back and hangs them over the fence near the sandpit for the little uns’ parents to find. If the timing’s off, that means I can take the socks back! The socks in the play area are better than my matmor’s – she only has black socks and stripey ones, kids have all sorts of exciting footwear!

What do you do with the socks after you’ve stolen them?
They all go into my wee hiding space in the office cupboard. I have a nest of precious things. Sometimes it gets a bit scary out there – kids are so noisy! And they move so quickly! And they shriek! – so I like to go into my wee retreat. I rearrange the socks a little and then bed down. It’s lovely.
When I grow up, I hope that I can be as good at collecting socks as Henry . He’s my hero.

Thanks so much for letting us interview you Etta!!!

Fall Trends Done for Spring!

Refinery 29 has got all the details on fall’s runway looks. What’s even better is that they show you how to make this fall’s looks wearable for right now, ’cause let’s be honest, who really wants to wait three more months for the most up to date looks?! The trends included, wide leg pants, artful prints, pleated mini skirts, unusual draping, and of course our favorite, over the knee socks!

They say for fall you’ll be seeing tons of dark colored thigh-highs all over, but as we all know black and gray are just a little too heavy for summer! What you can do instead is throw on some white, beige, or even sheer colored thigh-highs. A great way to fancy up a mini dress or a pair of cut off shorts, and even better for dolling up an evening look!

Try our button rib over the knee socks!
See all 5 fall trends here.

Been Around the World

Bright purple tights in Berlin are like our microfiber tights!

Textured tights with scrunched over the knee socks in Chicago reminds us of our soft dreamy OTK socks!

Crazy patterned leggings in Copenhagen similar to our patchwork fishnet footless tight.

Solid scrunched socks with heels in Oslo could be done with our cluny lacy straight up socks!

Can’t forget the boys in Sao Paulo just like our men’s soft and dreamy sock!

Solid tights with printed socks in Sydney like our basic micro fiber tights and any of our novelty socks like our peace and skull socks!

Stirrup tights in Toronto could be done as a footless tight with lace at the bottom!
I loving seeing how people around the world are wearing their socks and leg wear, always ends up spurring me to do something fun and funky! These shots were pulled from streetpeeper! And to see even more amazing socks check out our online store here!


Here at K. Bell we really feel that helping someone out is just about the best thing you can do, besides can’t we all use a little extra good karma?

This morning we shipped off 10,000 pairs of socks for Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes from various companies and closets to give to people in need, free of charge! Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 10 million new and gently worn shoes to 125 countries including Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, and the U.S.!!! We’re so thrilled that we were able to be apart of such a wonderful cause, and are excited to know that our socks will be given to those in Haiti and Nashville! Find out more about how you can help here!

Here’s some of our wonderful warehouse ladies packing up the socks!

Boxes all packed up!

And away they go!!!

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Socks, K Bell; oxfords, Aldo

The moment I saw these diamond crochet thigh-highs, my feet smiled! Diamonds are a fun shape to pair with a myriad of looks, whether it be rocker chic, burlesque, punk, or classy prep. Rihanna pulls off a similar pair in peep-toe boots and denim shorts.

Don’t forget the cute little bow at the top — wear it facing front or from behind (depending on your mood, of course). These flirty stockings will be sure to turn quite a few heads for you this summer, ladies!