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Being Green!

At K. Bell socks we understand the importance of being and staying “green”! With the world in the state it’s in it is everyone’s responsiblity to reduce, reuse, and recycle. A fun way to help keep the office green we did a “decorate your recycling box” competition. Everyone was given a box and told to decorate it however they wanted. These were then judged to find the best recycle box! All of the submissions were amazing and everyone had tons of fun making their box, so much fun in fact that we had to share them with you!

Women’s Golf Fashion

We came across a little history behind women’s fashions for golf and thought it was too interesting not to share! The game of golf has always been dominated by men, but loved by women! In the 1800s it became a more popular sport for women to play and of course it meant that they needed something to wear while playing. In the 1800’s though the fashion was stuck in a very conservative and old fashion way. Women who were going to play golf looked as though they were going to the opera, not hitting the greens.

In 1922 Burberry introduced the self belted golf suit along with the Free-stroke golf jacket, and several other items for the lady golfer, although most still being made of tweed and wool which were quite warm for a summer day, but did allow for more movement than previous fashions.
A short time later a cardigan was introduced that was both a lighter weight and easier to move in. This looks stayed through the 1920’s with cardigan over pleated skirt allowing for movement but while still covering the majority of the figure.

The standard in the 1920’s became the two piece dress matching dress which were rather plain, sometimes still including the pleated skirt with the longer length. Women often wore patterned tights or socks as well. Some women were pictured in knickers, but it wasn’t often being as many golf clubs would not allow it.

In the mid 20’s and into the 1930’s the one piece golf dress became the popular fashion. This allowed women to move freely but still kept with the fashions of the time.

This look stayed with women golfers until the 50’s and 60’s when it was finally acceptable for women to wear sleeveless tops and even bermuda shorts on the course.
These days we’re much luckier being able to wear just about anything that we are comfortable in! Just check out Christina Kim, can you imagine if she would have stepped on the green back in the day wearing this!

And keeping it up with comfort there’s our great K. Bell golf socks! We even get to dress up clubs in ClubSox!

K. Bell ClubSox

We here at K. Bell are both golf fans and golfers ourselves. That being said we often found that finding cute or fun club covers was quite the challenge! So we decided to make some of our own! These three sets of golf club covers come with 6 club “socks” and one pair of socks for you to wear! K. Bell ClubSox come in a reusable plastic zip bag too, easy for wrapping or for carrying your extra tees and markers!
The Lucky Club Socks in black with contrasting toe and heel colors that coordinate with the club they are meant for! And then a pair of fun colored stripe socks for you!!!

The Love Club Socks are all black and white stripes with contrast red hearts to show the love and a pair of black and white striped socks for you!

Pink Ribbon Club Socks black club sockswith contrasting pink heel and toe with pink lettering and a pair of pink golf ball breast cancer ribbon socks for you!

Socks with Thoughts Give Away!!!

It’s time again for another sock giveaway!!! We’ll be giving away 5 three packs of Socks with Thoughts to 5 lucky winners two different times this month, the first being this Friday (the 9th) and the next being 23rd! How fun is that?! So you want to know how to enter? For this first drawing all you have to do is like us on our Facebook page and send us a message or follow us on Twitter and send us a direct message there. Its that simple!!! If you are looking to buy some Socks with Thoughts we have a special going on right now if you purchase 3 sets or more receive 30% off, that’s like getting one set free!!!

Socks with Thoughts are great for every occasion! Here at K.Bell we recently sent out Socks with Thoughts to our friends and family and look how they’ve been used!!! This very creative and adorable diaper cake features some Congratuations Socks with Thoughts!

What creative things would you do with them?

Sock Puppet Time!

Ever wonder what to do with those odd socks, you know the odd left foot sock, the one the dryer monster happily ate the mate of? After searching high and low and finally surrendering to never finding that pair, don’t throw away Mr. Left Sock. Why not find another mismatched sock, we know you have another somewhere in the deep belly of your drawer, and make a sock monster? Perhaps by making one of these bad boys and placing it on your dryer it will be scared into thinking all the odd socks it eats turn into monsters, back from the dead to haunt it! Hey we’re superstitious over here, and always looking for any solution to beating the dryer monster!

Many thanks to the folks over at the Making Things Club for this super cute (and pretty easy to follow) diagram!