Monthly Archives: August 2010

Sock Factory!

Last week our designers went on a field trip to a sock factory! They went to learn about all that goes into making a pair of socks, which is actually quite a lot! From design to yarn to the final press and package so many people get their hands in the work!!!
It all starts with the design…
And then figuring out what threads and colors match with the designs!
Sock knitting machines!
Close up of the machine while it knits the socks!
Once they are all done they come out like this!
They then go on to the presser.And the final product! Some KB’s for your feet!

KB Fun!

We’ll be releasing some brand new KB styles into Costco pretty soon here. Because of this, we got to do a super fun photoshoot with three gorgeous gals from our Design Department as well as our trusty and insanely well balanced male analyst model! Anyhow, on to the pictures! What do you think of our new colors and stripes? How would you wear them? Paired or mix and matched? We want to know!

Many thanks to our wonderful models for being such great sports letting us move them around!