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Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian in Leopard

On her exit of the Tonight Show where Kourtney was discussing her new book, cameras caught the eldest of the Kardashian sisters wearing her legful of leopard!

K. Bell has their own version of these sublimated tights coming out shortly!
In the mean time, let us know what you think of Kourtney’s walk on the wild side!
image via People’s Style Watch

The Bee’s Knees

We keep complaining about the cold around here, hey 63 with a breeze is freezing for Los Angeles, so around here the outfits have become a lot of jackets and jeans, sweaters and scarves, and even the occassional pair of gloves. Another office trend we seem to be coveting is socks and tights. Doubling up never hurt anyone, and our little piglets are thanking us (over and over again). Here’s two of our favorite socks with tights trends we found strutting their stuff!
We love all the fun and texture in this combination. The scale and the color of the exagerated houndstooth is sure to secure that no one will think you take life too seriously!

Keeping it with a more traditional winter pallet, it’s all about the the juxtapositioning of cut off shorts and proper oxfords.

You can find the tights that both these ladies are wearing here.
And for some more ideas on pattern knee highs check here.
Last, but surely not least (and my personal favorite) over the knees can be found here.

Oh, Sweetie(s)

As a gal who loves her flats, but doesn’t always want her socks to show I find myself often forfeiting those adorable mary janes, for sneakers and moccasins so I can keep my socks on. Last week while rummaging through the warehouse we came across a lost box and we are sharing our treasures with you (and for a really price)! Now wearing your flats (and still wearing socks) isn’t impossible! Check our Sweeties that just hit our website!!! Coming in neon brights and pastel brights, we’re sure to have your toes covered, but still give you that barefoot in shoe look!!!

The Tight Debate

When winter rolls around it’s time to break out the tall socks and tights! This morning it was surely cool enough for the first tights of the season so I grabbed by go to pair of K. Bell Microfiber tights. Nothing compares to these! Super soft and fully opaque without that really annoying constricting waist band that leaves you looking like a cut sausage at the end of the day! Even more exciting is they are two pairs for $18. You can’t beat that deal, check ’em out here!!!

Feeling a Little Luxe

Cold weather means needing warm (and tall) socks. We’ve been keeping our eyes on some luxury brand socks, a girl can dream right? We’ve fallen in love with these John Paul Gaultier Ultra Luxe Socks. The Fair Isle pattern of these really tugs on our heart strings, the $345 price tag on the other hand, does not. What do you think?

And while you’re swooning over these (and reminding yourself that rent has to be paid in two weeks) check out some of our own knee high socks here!

That single sock…

If your washing machine is anything like mine it will surely leave you with more than a few missing pairs of socks. Now instead of cursing the machine and throwing out those odd socks here’s a list of 40 different things you can do with them.

1.Use them for dusting – I know lots of people who put an old sock on their hands and dust. It’s especially great for nooks and crannies. I do this often with my son when he wants to help, it makes the work fun.
2.Use them for kids’ crafts and make sock puppets.
3.Make a sock frog.
4.Make a cat toy buy filling with catnip.
5.Make roses from baby socks.
6.Place in door and window cracks to keep cold air from coming through.
7.Use to store golf balls, tennis balls and other small toys.
8.Fill part of the foot with potpourri and use as a sachet for drawers and closets.
9.Use them to make wrist rests.
10.Use them to wash or wax the car.
11.Use it for a Christmas Stocking.
12.Make a patchwork quilt. Cut the good parts into patches.
13.Cut off the foot and use to insulate bottles and cups – keep the cold cold and warm warm.
14.Use over ice packs.
15.Make a sock garden.
16.Use over hot water bottles.
17.Use to moisturize very dry hands. Slather hands with lotion and cover with socks. Sleep on it and in the morning you have nice, soft hands. Ditto feet.
18.Use on your Swiffer instead of the Swiffer sheets.
19.Make a blanket out of socks.
20.Take big socks and use to keep your shoes clean while doing chores or yard work.
21.When I was a teenager we had a dog with a broken leg. We used old socks to keep the cast covered and dry.
22.Make a rice sock.
23.Make a sock monster.
24.Make a tube sock snowman.
25.Make a sock doll.
26.Make a bunny sock doll.
27.Make a sock purse.
28.Make a heat pack.
29.Make a back massager.
30.Make a sock monkey.
31.Make a sock bun.
32.Make a sock dog.
33.Make a “LuvSock” for your iguana. No really.
34.Make a dog sweater.
35.Make sock poi. I’m not sure what one is or what it does, but you can make it out of socks.
36.Make a sock bird.
37.Make baby legwarmers.
38.Make arm warmers.
39.Use to assist in removing scratches from furniture.
40.Use for sending or packing fragile items.

Thank you to Deborah for all the ideas!

Holiday Socks with Thoughts

Whether we choose to believe it or not the year is quickly coming to end and the holidays are just around the bend! While stocking up on gifts consider these for stocking stuffers, present toppers, or just a reminder that you are thinking of them! Socks with Thoughts come with their own evelope to make mailing easy! We’ve put up two new 3 packs on our website!!

As well this week we are doing a Twitter and Facebook giveaway for you to have the chance to win some of these great Socks with Thoughts!

Socks of the Season

Fall is here and with fall comes the need for some warm and fun slipper socks! This week we are doing a give away via our Facebook and Twitter, although if you don’t happen to be one of our lucky winners, have no fears we sell them here.
Frog Slipper Socks

Tubular Cow Slipper Socks

Tubular Lady Bug Slipper Socks

Tubular Panda Slipper Socks

Tubular Cats Slipper Socks

Owl and Star Slipper Socks

Here and There and Everywhere!!!

Its that time again to take a peek around the world and see what kind of socks are being worn and how people are pairing what may seem like the most basic piece of clothing!
New York wears their socks over the knee and sparkly!

New York also does it with anklets and sandals!

Paris men stay classy in argyle!

Paris women go colorful with contrasting heel & toe ankle socks and tall heeled sandals!