Monthly Archives: December 2010

Emma Stone, Spotted!

As you already know, we love leopard prints. It’s kind of our thing. Well last night while sacking out watching Jay Leno before bed the gorgeous Emma Stone was on and they showed this clip. We just about fell out of bed seeing her in some sublimated leopard tights! Now, ours aren’t available quite yet, but after the new year they’ll be available on our website! Anyhow, check out the clip below!|widget|NBCVideo&__source=nbc|widget|NBCVideo

Metallic Rouched Knee Highs

I always have a hard time with New Year’s Eve outfits. It’s always cold, yet I always hope to wear a dress. Sure I can wear tights, but every girl around is going to be wearing tights! So I’m turning to my trusty K. Bell Metallic Rouched Knee Highs. Just enough to keep warm (they even look cute with tights on under them), and with enough sparkle to stand out from the crowd of ladies going out that night!

You can get yourself a pair here!

Street Style

Winter is our favorite time of year over here. We’ve been keeping our eyes out and about around the world to see what others are wearing. Here’s our most recent favorites!
We love this scrunched metallic stripe sock peeking out of this Londoner’s boot!
This Parisian stays with a tonal relaxed crew style sock and some clear Prada shoes for an eye turning look.

Seoul goes bright matching bright crew socks with prints.

Going back to London and going back to basics with these adorably styled over the knee socks.

Paris one more time, just for the guys out there. We are loving these argyle socks paired with a pair of shorts. Keep it classy!

K. Bell Around the Office

Now, I know normally these are reserved for the adorble adornments the lovely folks here at K. Bell wear, but today while taking some down some socks for our Facebook & Twitter winners my eye was caught and I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of some really creative ways to use socks!

Lorena down in the warehouse is to thank for this adorable wall art!

Holiday from Head to Toe!

We’ve got pointsettias on our desks, Christmas lights strung around the office tree, and soon enough I’m sure we’ll start up with the Christmas tunes (maybe we’ll even get to play my favorite Alvin and the Chimpunks record from when I was kid). The holiday spirit is in more than full swing around here and we want you to be as excited as we are! We’ve got some adorable adornments for you feet so you can slip and slide into your own winter wonderland!
Let it snow outside, these snowmen are sure to keep your feet warm!

Although this Rudolph won’t be guiding Santa’s sleigh, he will be with you where ever you go in these awesome socks!

Now, I may be a little biased being a cat person at all, but I cannot get over how adorable these Santa & Cat socks are! Perfect for lounging around wrapping presents!