Monthly Archives: August 2011

Lions and Tigers and Dinosaurs?

This summer has been an exciting one! Between movies in cemetary, concerts in the parks, and the new dinosaur hall opening at Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum there’s always something going on.

We’re anxious to get over to the museum and check out the 14,000 square foot hall! While you’re there check out the gift shop at the LA Natural History Museum where you can find the following K. Bell display!

To keep in theme with our dino-excitement! We’re going to give away a few pairs of our Wide Mouth Alligator sock! Just leave a comment on this blog post to be entered! We’ll contact you next Monday to let you know if you’re a winner!!!

Make Up Day Giveaway!

This Friday is Make Pp Day, and we’ve got the perfect socks to help you “kiss and make up”! Have someone that you need to say you’re sorry to? Or maybe just that you miss them? Let us help you say what you need to say! This Friday our blog giveaway is going to be for a 3 pair pack of our Socks with Thoughts. We’ll be giving out two different 3-pair packs, either our “Friendship, Solemate, Perfect Pair” A 3-Pair set
or our “May Our Love Grow into Something Wonderful”, “Sending all My Love to You”, “You are my Heart and Sole” 3-Pair set!
Check out our video about Socks with Thoughts! Just comment on this blog post to be entered! We’ll contact you on Monday to let you know if you’re a winner!

Lights, Camera, Shoot!

Sadly this week, we’re not doing a blog giveaway as we’ve been busy for the last two days on one of our best photo shoots yet! We’re gearing up for Spring 2012 and trying to make sure everything looks fabulous! The last two days the Social Sock was on location around Los Angeles styling and directing our photo shoot. Here are a few shots to share with you! Enjoy!!!

Thank you to our wonderful team of gals including Jordana Sheara, our photographer and Miss M. our lovely model!
PS. Keep your eyes on our website for tons of new Fall 2011 styles coming soon!

Trend Watch: Around the World

This morning we were inspired by some of our favorite blogs where we came across some really fun sock and hosiery trends from around the world!
London is staying cool with patterned blue! Try our step wool blend sock!
Paris looks great in opaque tights (even in summer)! Try our black microfiber tights for the same look!
Paris also makes a bold statement with all white and just a pop of color in the socks! Our relaxed roll top crews in a variety of colors would be perfect for getting this look!
Tokyo men keep it colorful with their highwater pants and fun agryle socks! You too can be fun and colorful with our men’s argyle.

Thanks to StreetPeeper for the images!

Friday Music Blog Giveaway

Today was cloudy and chilly as I got up for work. I stubbed my toe on the way to the bathroom to brush my teeth, only to find the tube of toothpaste in the cat box! Here were all the ingredients for starting the week off on the wrong foot. With a bad mood brewing and sitting in traffic this song came on the radio: [youtube=] Of course I couldn’t help from smiling and singing along! Amazing what a difference a fun song will make! To keep in with this fun music theme we’re giving away a pair of men’s making music socks and a pair of lady’s making music socks this Friday. Make sure to comment on this blog post to be entered.The sun is shining now, looks like my day is going to work out OK!

Flash Friday #2: Back to School Giveaway!

Its time for another Flash Friday giveaway! Summer is coming to end and soon schools will be opening their doors for another year of lesson plans, math tests, and spelling bee’s. We know it’s hard to land those A’s, so we’ll help you out! Enter our School Days giveaway and share them with favorite teacher. We can’t guarantee the A, but it’s sure to help you on your way! Leave a comment on this post to be entered! You’ll be contacted via email if you’re a winner!

Sock Swag?

Ever wonder what some of the celebrities out there think of their socks? We wonder if they love them as much as we do? Well it seems Nick Cannon does! His daily tweets have started to include pictures of what he calls his “sock swag” where he photographs his feet and his daily snacks in his radio booth! His sock collection seems pretty impressive (almost as awesome as our selection of men’s socks that is ever growing)! Need some socks, Nick?

Check out his twitter here so you can follow a fellow sock fan!