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Bring balance and stability to your life!

If any of you are anything like me you love to be active even…. if you aren’t the most graceful. These “Active Toeless Socks” are great for keeping feet warm while stretching, have arch support and allow your toes to spread out naturally for BALANCE and support. They are slip resistant and help keep your feet in place. Because let’s face it, we need all the help we can get!!

We’ll send you and email on Monday if you are one of our winners! Just comment on this blog post to be entered!

Day of Peace!

Today is national Day of Peace. So turn down the loud music, take a deep breath, and find your peace! To help you get in the mood of peaceful living we’re doing a Flash Friday giveaway of our peace sign socks! These socks aren’t available online (yet), so make sure to get your name in!

We’ll send you and email on Monday if you are one of our winners! Just comment on this blog post to be entered!

K. Bell Around the Office

This morning the air was cool and the sun isn’t out. It’s finally starting to feel like fall! Although we know by the end of the day it’s going to get a bit warmer we’ve already started getting out our tights and knee high socks in anticipation! This morning while settling at my desk one of our designers walked in wearing the cutest layered tights!

We’re totally into the layering of textures with a splash of color for your fall wardrobe. You can get this look by pairing our microfiber tights in purple or brown with our patchwork fishnet legging.

Video Game Day

As a child of the 90’s I still get excited by Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, and Tetris (I’m still proud of reaching level 16)!

When I first heard that we were going to be releasing video game block socks I was so excited! To celebrate Video Game Day (yes that’s today, get our your Nintendos, Game Boys, and Ataris) we’re going to be giving away a few pairs of our men’s video game socks! Just leave a comment on this blog post and we’ll contact you next Monday if you are a winner!

PS. Keep an eye out this Spring for our women’s version of this sock!!!

Fashion Reinventors

We are so excited to have been featured in on More‘s website about Fashion Reinventors! We are discussed along with several other retailers who have created products that have solved your fashion woes!
Featured in the image below is our sublimated trouser sock (and one of my absolute favorite prints)!

This is Karen Bell, the creator of K. Bell socks!

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