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K. Bell Socks – Black Socks

Black is used so often in fashion – “black is slimming,” “_____ is the new black” – that you may think it’s overdone, but black is so universal for a good reason. Many of our socks, although they may not be entirely black, have elements of black in them. It’s a base color that allows other color combinations to stand out. Hot pink, cobalt blue, maroon and charcoal grey are just a few of the hues that come to mind when pairing a color with black.

No matter how much black you want, we have options. Try our Basic Black Socks 6 Pair Pack, which not only a fantastic value, but also the perfect “go-to” socks throughout the year. For silly socks with black touches, our Halloween Black Cat Socks offer cartoon cats that pop against tangerine, purple and kelley green backgrounds. We even have sock alternatives like our Black Cow Slipper, a warm and fuzzy set of slippers embellished with an embroidered cow face and satin ribbon bow. Plus, our cotton, polyester, olefin, nylon and spandex blends offer comfort at a great price.

Search our site to find great socks for as low as $4.90 on sale. With so many black sock choices to look through, you’ll find fun, affordable fashion at a price you love. Stock up on black socks from K. Bell and never run out of the basics again.



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K. Bell Socks – Camouflage Socks

From vivid brights to crisp grays, camouflage is no longer limited to army greens. This tough-as-nails look works equally with a girly floral print dress or baggy cargo shorts. Whether you’re looking to soften the look of motorcycle boots or toughen up a pair of flats, we’ve got a fun camo print to try out. Plus, we have styles for both men and women, and our cotton, polyester and spandex blends mean you feet stay comfortable and stylish, no matter how much these socks dare you to “be all you can be.”

Our camouflage socks not only offer a variety of colors, but also varying style of camo. For example, our Men’s Camouflage Crew Socks offer a traditional camo print in an olive color. If you prefer a pair that will work with everything, opt for the black, white and gray camo socks that will allow you to mix and match these neutrals. On the other hand, our Women’s Camouflage Socks offer unconventional colors such as turquoise, hot pink and charcoal gray. Plus, all of our camo socks come with ribbed trim and solid colored heel and toe.

Starting as low as $8, these camo socks offer the best military look with comfort and cool. So buck up, soldier, and get a pair of K. Bell camouflage socks!




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K. Bell Socks – Colorful Socks!

From olive green, dazzling violet, rich crimson and deep chocolate, we have flattering colorful socks for everyone!

Do you want the full impact of a bright lemon yellow, or do you prefer a softer mauve? Maybe you’d prefer to combine pastels like lilac and mint green with charcoal pants, or perhaps you’d rather stick with bold primary colors like cherry red. What about darker colors like navy and plum? Your choice in color should reflect your personal style as well as what goes best with your current wardrobe. With so many colorful shades to choose from, it’s going to be a problem picking out just one pair.

No matter what your color preference is, we have options. Try a pair of striped socks with multicolored patterns that include bright citruses and cool blues, or argyle socks with creams and coffee-colored browns. Our kids socks feature crazy neons like highlighter yellow and turquoise that really pop, while our holiday socks feature fun prints for Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day and more range from light pinks and reds to flashy tangerine.

We’ve also partnered with the Laurel Burch Design Studio for over 15 years, printing original artwork and whimsical prints on a variety of colors including sapphire, indigo, fuchsia, periwinkle blue, maroon, lime green and more. Plus, all of our socks offer comfortable blends of cotton, polyester, nylon, olefin, and spandex at an amazing value.

Search our site to find a variety of socks on sale starting at low as $4.80. With so many colorful socks look through, you’ll find fun, affordable fashion at a great price. Stock up on colorful socks from K. Bell and add a little – or a lot – of color into your life!



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