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5 Fun DIY Easter Egg Ideas for Both Kids and Adults

It’s almost Easter! This means it’s also time to decorate Easter Eggs.

If you are looking for some creativity this year, you came to the right place.

I made a list of unique easter egg decorating ideas by some of my favorite DIY bloggers..

These Easter egg ideas are fun and simple for both kids and adults.


1) Dyed Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs

If your kids love the Ninja Turtles, this simple yet cute Easter eggs will be a huge hit!

All you need are eggs, green dye, ribbons, and some googly eyes.

Check out Crystal from A Pumpkin and a Princess’s post here for the step by step instructions!

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2) Emoji Easter Eggs

Show how you feel this Easter by making these cute DIY Emoji Easter Eggs.

This simple yet cute idea needs only paint and markers!

You can check out the post here for for step by step instructions!



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3) Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs

If you don’t want paint your eggs this year, this is a fun option to color your eggs with nail polish!

You will need your nail polish colors of choice, a cup of room temp water, and toothpicks.

See the step by step post here.



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4) Pineapple Easter Eggs

For people who are a little craftier, this Pineapple inspired Easter Egg design would be perfect.

You will need some craft paper and a glue gun for this DIY Easter Egg design.  Those with kids who makes large messes be aware!

Click here for the post on Studio DIY

Image by Studio DIY


5) Minion Easter Eggs

Another favorite of mine! These blue and yellow Minion Easter eggs will add some cuteness to your Easter Sunday!

See the post here.

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Share with us your DIY Easter Egg ideas in the comments below!




Super Bowl Sunday Party Prep



Patriots or Falcons?

No matter which team you are rooting for, we all want to throw a winning Super Bowl Party!

With the big game just a couple days away, we found some fun and simple DIY ideas from Jennifer Sbranti at Hostess with the Mostess to help you prepare.


These cute mason Jars with duct tape laces look just like a football when served with a dark beverage. Try an ice tea or Coke (add whiskey or vodka for the grownup version).




How cute is this snack bag! Use the same duct tape laces to decorate the paper bags to make them look like a football, then fill with some favorite Super Bowl Game snacks.



If you want to dress the part.

Check out our fun selection of game socks:


For the Kids


5 ways to reuse old socks

How many of you have a drawer full of single socks that you don’t know what to do with?

Here are 5 fantastic ways of reusing those socks.

1) Wear them!

Mismatched socks is trendy right now, so if you feel like you can pull off the look.. do it!

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2) Dust with them.

Put them on your hand to make the perfect duster. It’s perfect for those nook and crannies a regular duster can’t reach

Photo cred: WebMD


3) Make Cup Koozies

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You can read the step by step on making them HERE


4) Make a pretty Up-Do!

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See the step by step tutorial HERE


5) Flower Pot Cozy

Photo Cred: Apartment Therapy