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St. Patrick’s Day decorations for $8 or less

Photo Cred: Party City


Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend! For those of us who don’t have the time to do DIY projects, here are some fun items you can find for $8 or less and throw a smashingly great St. Patrick’s Day Party!


1) St. Patrick’s Day banner 4ct pack from Party City

Party City is one of our favorite places to go for holiday decorations here at K. Bell Socks! My personal favorite are the fun banners available to help get your guests into a festive mood.

This St. Patrick’s Day banner 4 pack has comes with 4 different banners for $6.99


2) Kiss Me I’m Irish Cocktail Napkins from Target

Get some lucky kisses with this cute cocktail napkin at your St. Patrick’s Day party.  Retailing at $3.95 for a 16 pack. It won’t break your bank.

3) Green Disposable Utensils from Dollar Tree

No need to worry about dirty utensils! This disposable utensil set comes with 16 green Knives, Spoons and forks. Retailing at $1 per pack!

4) K. Bell Socks!

Host your St. Patrick’s Day party in STYLE the our St. Patrick’s Day Socks! We have a variety for you to choose from starting from $8.

My favorite pair of St. Patrick’s Day Sock that is new for Spring is our Women’s Leprechaun Crew Sock!


Holiday Sock Season

The holiday season is upon us and we have the socks that you’ll want to wear to show your holiday cheer. You’ll love our Christmas themed novelty socks and Merino wool socks will keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long.

Secret Santa Sock

Secret Santa Sock

Spread Christmas cheer when you wear our Secret Santa Sock and our other Christmas novelty socks.

Holiday Penguins Sock

Holiday Penguins Sock

Holiday Owls Crew Sock

Holiday Owls Crew Sock


Look just as adorable as these Holiday Owls do when you pair them with your Santa hat.

Snowy Snowman Crew Sock

Penguin Christmas Tree Crew Socks

Penguin Christmas Tree Crew Socks

Grumpy Cat Socks for the Holidays

We won’t leave men out of our holiday fun! We have Grumpy Cat socks that they will love.

Men's Grumpy Cat HoHo No Crew Sock

Men’s Grumpy Cat HoHo No Crew Sock

Men's Grumpy Cat Bah Humbug Crew Sock

Men’s Grumpy Cat Bah Humbug Crew Sock


Of course we also have a Christmas Grumpy Cat Sock for women.




Wool Socks



Our women’s Merino Wool blend crew socks are a winner this winter. Made from a luxurious merino wool and polyester blend, they’re the perfect fashion socks to keep your feet warm.

Nordic Snowflake Knee High

Nordic Snowflake Knee High


Jacquard Fair Isle Knee High

Jacquard Fair Isle Knee High





4th of July in Style: Fun socks for the whole family!

With fourth of July coming up, it’s time to stock up on some red white and blue for the whole family.

You can find a great selection of American Made socks on

Get matching fun and fashionable American Flag socks for the whole family.



Men’s American Made Flag sock



Women’s American Made Flag Sock

Kid’s Socks

Kid’s American Flag sock


Back To school fashion

Back to School!

Oh such a fabulous time of year.  Many of us are excited for different reasons, but mine has always been the anticipation of back to school shopping! I loved new supplies, and picking new clothing for that first day of school.  However, I seemed to always forget socks!  So this year,  let’s remember to add fun socks to our back to school shopping list.

Whether it’s college or 1st grade; here is a selection of fun socks to send your kids off to school with.

For the College boy:

The game that everyone college student knows..

Men’s Beer Pong Socks


For the college Fashionista:

These fashion knee high socks will have her looking stylish while keeping her legs warm.

Random Feed Cable Knee High

For the little one who is obsessed with emoji’s:

What is more fun than typing emojis? Wearing them! These will definitely bring a smile to her face, on the first day of school.

Girls Emoticons Knee High


For the robot obsessed boy:

He may not get to play with his favorite toy in class, but at least can wear it on his feet.

Boy’s Robot Crew


Do you have your socks picked out?

Share them with us!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is almost here!

That special man in your life deserves the perfect gift.  We made it easy for you with a Father’s Day Gift Guide.

No matter what kind of Dad he is, we have you covered!


1) Grill Master Dad

He is a major foodie. He loves bacon, and burgers or even better… Bacon Burgers!

Men’s Hog Heaven Crew sock

Men’s Burger Head crew sock

Bring Home the Bacon Crew Sock


2) Fishing Dad

For that adventurous man in your life. He loves being outdoors, on a boat and catching his meal for later that night.

Mens Fishing Lures crew sock

Men’s Fisherman Crew Sock


3) Car Dad

He loves Turbo– his car.. a little too much.  Let’s give him the gift of always having Turbo by his side.

Men’s Classic Vette Crew sock


4) Humorous Dad

He thinks he is OH SO FUNNY!  We let him believe it 🙂

Men’s Kick Ass Crew

Men’s Smart Ass Crew sock


5) Happy Hour Dad

Whether he’s a craft beer fan, or a whiskey lover. We got him covered!

Men’s Craft Beer Crew Sock

Men’s Cocktail Crew Sock


6) Sporty Dad

He loves sports! It doesn’t matter if he’s playing, or just watching on the living room big screen.

Men’s Game Plan Crew Sock

Men’s Run Crew 2 Pair Pack



Tell us about your dad!

The Perfect Sock for Mom

Mothers Day is coming up, and since every mom is different, it would be unfair to pick out the same sock for every mom.

So I decided to do a quick Mother’s Day Gift Guide for  5 different types of Moms.

Which one is your mom?


1) For the Mom who knows how to PARTY: The “HOT Mess” sock.


2) For the Mom with the Sweet tooth: “Macaroon Sock”

She’s probably going to get some chocolates already, pair that with something sweet for her feet.


3) For the pet mom: The “Cat Tails” or the “Happy Dogs” Sock

4) For the Fashion Mom: The Textured Floral Knee High Sock


5) Sporty Mom: the “Keep Calm and Golf On” or “Tennis Diva” Sock



K.Bell Getting ready for the Holidays

It’s that time of year to bring out the holiday decorations and eat some holiday treats! I am super excited!

Every family has their own traditions when it comes to getting ready for the holidays.  Whether it’s going tree shopping,  putting up decorations together, or sitting around a pole and telling everyone how they have disappointed you this past year (for those who have seen Seinfeld).  Here, at K.Bell; Heather lights up her office, Kate makes deliciously decorated Rice Crispies, and everyone gets together for some holiday fun at Whiskey Red’s in Marina Del Rey.

Here’s a snippet of K.Bell Holiday Cheer!



fabulous photo collage by Spencer


What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions?

K. Bell Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is exactly a month away, and gift shopping isn’t always easy.  So I have put together a mini K. Bell Holiday Gift Guide to relieve some of your shopping stress.


1) K.Bell Tote Bags

With the no plastic bag law here in LA, and other cities in this country,  tote bags have become a must have.

Going green is a beautiful movement and with our new K.Bell Tote bags we can do it together!  I’m not sure about you, but I am always forgetting to bring my shopping bags, so having this tote in my purse is super convenient.  It shrinks down to fit in the small clip-on-pouch that it comes with and makes transporting simple.   Plus, it’s a perfect stocking stuffer!




2) K.Bell Sweatshirt Blanket

We all know with the Holiday, comes the cold.  There are many ways of staying warm over the winter, my personal favorite is drinking a warm cup of coffee while cuddled in a blanket with my dogs and reading a brand new book.  If you know someone like me, this is the perfect gift for them.  Give the gift of warmth with the new K.Bell Sweatshirt Blanket.  It is perfect to wrap the entire family in, furry or not.  You can also add to the gift with a pair of matching socks.




3) Secret Sock Surprise!

This last one is for all the indecisive shoppers out there.  Say hello to the Secret Sock Surprise!

We made it even easier for you this year to get your shopping done.  Let the K.Bell team pick out your gift.  We put our brilliant sock picking minds together and choose 12 pairs of awesome socks for you.  So simple, and fun, and when the time comes for gift unraveling, it’s a guaranteed surprise for everyone.



I hope this helped!

I would love to hear your personal holiday shopping guides and tips!