Halloween is Around the Corner!

Halloween is scary enough let alone knowing it’s next week! Eeek! Need ideas on what to be? Here are the Top 10 Best Costume Ideas

1. Lady Gaga – Grammy Winner
2. Angry Birds (kids) – Most addicting game
3. Charlie Sheen – Most talked about actor for 2011
4. Captain America – 2011 summer movie!
5. Green Lantern – 2011 summer movie
6. Vampire – Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood
7. Zombies – The Walking Dead
8. Monster High (kids) – Popular Cartoon featuring doll collection
9. Rapunzel – Disney’s Tangled
10. Snooki – Jersey Shore Actress

If you aren’t dressing up in full costume, get into the spirit with these adorably spooky novelty socks!

Just post a comment and you will be automatically entered to win these socks. Tell us what you are planning to dress up as, some good costume ideas, spooky stories, etc.

8 thoughts on “Halloween is Around the Corner!”

  1. Bebe Carnwath says:

    I love that the eyes on the skulls are hearts!

  2. my little brother is being a slice of pizza for halloween! too cute!

  3. Fiona says:

    Tangled! 😀

  4. Deb Brown says:

    Love Halloween! Reminds me of when the kids were little & all of the fun costumes we came up with!

  5. Wehaf says:

    I’ve always wanted to dress up as Charlie Chaplin. One day I will, I swear!

  6. Dianna Thomas says:

    These are awesome– I want to win a pr. right my socks are NO show Dr Scholl’s and they sure are not very warm- It’s 39 out right now– so I need something a little warmer–thanks for the contest and a chance to win

  7. Dianna Thomas says:

    If it stays this cold a popsicle I’m sure

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