HOORAY HOORAY for President’s Day!

Thank you to all who participated, our winner has been chosen!

Check back next Thursday for another chance to win! 

Another three-day weekend is just around the corner, so let’s celebrate the real reason for the holiday! President’s Day began as a national holiday in 1885 to honor Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th and George Washington’s birthday on February 22nd. This year we recognize all 44 Presidents on February 20th. Why not show your patriotic pride on your feet this year? Share with us what you’ll be doing for the long weekend for a chance to win some stars and stripes! Good luck!!

Click here to learn more about our Presidents!

5 thoughts on “HOORAY HOORAY for President’s Day!”

  1. Trin R. says:

    Traveling to see the family and
    the good kind of fireworks.

  2. Fiona says:

    celebrating my friend’s 21st birthday! 😀

  3. Well we to are off an running–We have a family wedding to go to–this family is so excited,a mini vacation with a celebration to boot.Thanks for asking. What are you planning?

  4. Lincy L Han says:

    Homework hahaha

  5. Amy says:

    Getting some work done, going to practice, and then celebrating mine and my friend’s 21st birthday! 😀

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