It’s a Girl Thing!


Thank you to all who participated, our winners has been chosen! Check back next week for more chances to win! 

We know everyone has a favorite pastime or hobby, and The Girls socks are made to celebrate these passions. Tell us which girl YOU are for a chance to win a pair of “The Girls” socks!

   Our Girls:

Stitching Girl     Knitting Girl      Quilting Girl      Shopping Girl

Sushi Girl     Wine Girl     Cat Girl     Dog Walking Girl

Shoe Girl      Arts & Crafts Girl      Golf Girl      Wellness Girl

Expectant Mom      Scrapbooking Girl      Birthday Girl       Wedding Girl

Bridal Party Girl 

8 thoughts on “It’s a Girl Thing!”

  1. Lincy Han says:

    Cat Girl!

  2. Jan Seymour says:

    ‘Quilting Girl’, that’s me!

  3. Wendie Cliver says:

    Cat girl!!

  4. Amy says:

    Wellness girl!! :]

  5. Fiona says:

    dog girl! :]

  6. My favorite oh my its hard– Dog girl!

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