Make Up Day Giveaway!

This Friday is Make Pp Day, and we’ve got the perfect socks to help you “kiss and make up”! Have someone that you need to say you’re sorry to? Or maybe just that you miss them? Let us help you say what you need to say! This Friday our blog giveaway is going to be for a 3 pair pack of our Socks with Thoughts. We’ll be giving out two different 3-pair packs, either our “Friendship, Solemate, Perfect Pair” A 3-Pair set
or our “May Our Love Grow into Something Wonderful”, “Sending all My Love to You”, “You are my Heart and Sole” 3-Pair set!
Check out our video about Socks with Thoughts! Just comment on this blog post to be entered! We’ll contact you on Monday to let you know if you’re a winner!

24 thoughts on “Make Up Day Giveaway!”

  1. Jennie Xie says:

    perfect gift for my mummy 🙂

  2. Jan Seymour says:

    Socks with Thoughts are the greatest!
    What can be more perfect than a gift with a card, and these are the right FIT all around.
    Just love these, and so do my friends.

  3. Lincy L Han says:

    So cute!

  4. Lynn Botos says:

    theese look so comfy, hope i win some

  5. Fiona Lee says:

    Cute and thoughtful! 😀

  6. My Mother would so love these

  7. These are cute! I’d love to send some socks to my family and friends!

  8. mannysgrammy says:

    So cute & comfy looking. Perfect for WI winters to keep tootsies warm while kicked back watching movies!

    1. Yu’al have the cutest socks !!! I have a very stylish daughter who attends KSU over here in Georgia … I think she alone owns enough of these to keep yu’al in business … I’d really love to have a pair of my own … You know how teenagers are… You put a new pair in your drawer, but they wind up in hers … {{{ Sigh }}} … I am so hoping I get lucky today … XOXO ~Tina

  9. April says:

    Aw, I can think of some friends I’d love to share these with!

  10. Kris Beil says:

    These look very comfortable and they are cute!

  11. Greta Gelsinger says:

    I love the socks! They are so cute!

  12. Scott says:

    What a great gift to give!

  13. Tammy S. says:

    These will match my PJ’s! Love them they look so cute!

  14. Stacy S says:

    These look so comfy-and it’s gonna get cold soon!!

  15. Annie Sauer says:

    Would love to win!

  16. mary marry says:

    Cute idea! Socks with Thoughts for an I am sorry message!

  17. sudo knight says:

    Retired lady, these would feel good on my feet in December!!

  18. Kelly Maas says:

    awesome socks! would love to win these!

  19. Leah Vandor says:

    These socks are so cute, I would love to keep my tootsies warm with them. Plus, I love how each pair has a different message. They would definitely make a great gift and bring a smile to someone’s face.

  20. Crystal Davis says:

    Cute Socks!!! :o)

  21. connie simon says:

    Those socks are really cute…thought about my granddaughter wearing them..but they would look good on my foot also.

  22. karen ross says:

    too cute…………message me a pair

  23. This would be a great gift to share with a bestie who helps me out whenever I am in a tough spot. I love socks especially with the colder weather comming

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