5 more minutes please!


Who is still feeling the effects of Daylight Saving Time?  I have been channeling my K. Bell 5 More Minutes sock all week!  Apparently I did not use the suggestions provided in our Waking up with Ease- Daylight Saving Time post.

Me wanting 5 more minutes of sleep sparked my curiosity of how everyone here at K. Bell would want to spend an extra 5 more minutes.

Here is top 10 list of activities that K. Bell employees would like “5 more minutes” on a daily basis.


1) 5 more minutes of morning coffee!

This was the winner! Whether you eat breakfast or not, almost everyone wanted a little more time in the morning to enjoy their morning cup of coffee or tea before rushing out the door.

2) 5 more minutes of sleep

This one proved that I wasn’t the only person struggling to wake up this week.


3) 5 more minutes before bed

If you are like me, I love sleep, but I hate having to have to go to sleep.  It would be nice to have 5 extra minutes to read a book before bedtime.

4) 5 more minutes of lunch

How do you spend your lunch time? Some of us like to go out for a nice lunch, some like to hit the gym or stretch their legs on a walk around our building.


5) 5 more minutes with kids

Spending precious time with your kids on a hectic and busy day.

6) 5 more minutes without kids

Opposite of number 5.  5 more minutes to relax and enjoy you time before the Kids wake up.

7) 5 more minutes of weekend fun

If we can’t have an extra day for the weekend, can we get an extra 5 minutes?


8) 5 more minutes of house being clean

I definitely feel this one.  How is it that only minutes go by before a clean house turns into a dirty house?

9) 5 more minutes of family time

Everyone is constantly busy that getting everyone in the same room is almost impossible. How you do spend quality family time?

Women’s Shark Sock




Men’s Shark Sock

Kid’s Shark Sock

10) 5 more minutes of getting ready.

Sometimes we all need a little extra time to look our best for the day.  An extra five minutes can prevent the “oops I only put mascara on one eye” day.



Where would you like to have 5 more minutes in your daily life?

St. Patrick’s Day decorations for $8 or less

Photo Cred: Party City


Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend! For those of us who don’t have the time to do DIY projects, here are some fun items you can find for $8 or less and throw a smashingly great St. Patrick’s Day Party!


1) St. Patrick’s Day banner 4ct pack from Party City

Party City is one of our favorite places to go for holiday decorations here at K. Bell Socks! My personal favorite are the fun banners available to help get your guests into a festive mood.

This St. Patrick’s Day banner 4 pack has comes with 4 different banners for $6.99


2) Kiss Me I’m Irish Cocktail Napkins from Target

Get some lucky kisses with this cute cocktail napkin at your St. Patrick’s Day party.  Retailing at $3.95 for a 16 pack. It won’t break your bank.

3) Green Disposable Utensils from Dollar Tree

No need to worry about dirty utensils! This disposable utensil set comes with 16 green Knives, Spoons and forks. Retailing at $1 per pack!

4) K. Bell Socks!

Host your St. Patrick’s Day party in STYLE the our St. Patrick’s Day Socks! We have a variety for you to choose from starting from $8.

My favorite pair of St. Patrick’s Day Sock that is new for Spring is our Women’s Leprechaun Crew Sock!


Waking Up With Ease- Daylight Saving Time



Spring forward! Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, and that means we lose an hour of sleep!

Here are some ways to prepare you for the time change.


1) Wake up 10 minutes earlier everyday.

Starting today, set your alarm so that you are waking up 10 to 15 minutes earlier each day.  This gradually gets your biological clock prepared for the loss of an hour making a smoother transition.  For example, if you wake up at 7:00 AM, start waking up at 6:50 AM the next day, and then 6:40 AM the next and so on.

2) Exercise mid day on Saturday

Exercise promotes good sleep by the warming up and cooling down of the body.  Exercising in the middle of the day allows your body to have enough time to cool down into a sleepy state.

3) Wake up at your usual time on Sunday.

Whether you have or have not gotten enough sleep Saturday night, make sure you wake up at the usual time.  Sleeping in just makes adjusting harder.


Comment below on how you prepare for Daylight Saving Time.


5 Rainy Day Hacks

When most of the country gets snow during winter, we get rain in LA.

If you live in Los Angeles, you know that it has been raining nonstop this past month.

So us here at K. Bell socks wanted to share with you some of our favorite hacks for a rainy day.


1) Hair Bun Hack

Rain puts a damper on a good hair day. To avoid stress, frizz and flyaways, put your hair in a cute sock bun.

Check out this super fun How To Article by Birchbox on achieving the perfect bun with an old pair of socks.


2) Microfiber Towel Hack

Microfiber is extremely absorbent.  Keep it with you and gently tap dry your hair and clothing items that may need some loving.


3) Dental Floss Hack

For those extra windy rainy days, keep detail floss with you just in case your umbrella needs some reinforcement around the hinges.

Dental Floss is stronger than regular thread.


4) High Hemlines Hack

Here in LA, when it rains, it floods. If you don’t have rainboots, keeping your pants dry can be quite difficult.  Wearing high hemlines (such as a chic pair of culottes) will put your mind at ease.


5) Extra socks Hack

There is nothing worse than wet socks.  Keeping some extra socks with you on a rainy day will make sure your feet stay happy and dry.


What are some of your rainy day hacks?

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is next week! Who’s ready to party?!

Most of you know Mardi Gras as a large Carnival celebration in New Orleans, but did you know that it is celebrated all over the world? Belgium, Brazil, Germany, and Italy are a few of the countries that celebrate.  Mardi Gras was was originated in Europe and is considered a Christian holiday! It is the day before Lent, and was created for people to binge on food and fun before 40 Days of Penance from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  You can get a little more info here.

Do you celebrate Mardis Gras?  If you do, how do you celebrate it?


Enjoy these green, gold and purple socks.


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year, give more than just flowers. Give socks! 😉

Us here at K. Bell put a lovely list of socks that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


1) I love Bacon Socks for the bacon lover.


2) Add to the flower bouquet with our floral socks!


3) Cat Socks.  We love cats, and these socks would be the perfect gift for

Super Bowl Sunday Party Prep



Patriots or Falcons?

No matter which team you are rooting for, we all want to throw a winning Super Bowl Party!

With the big game just a couple days away, we found some fun and simple DIY ideas from Jennifer Sbranti at Hostess with the Mostess to help you prepare.


These cute mason Jars with duct tape laces look just like a football when served with a dark beverage. Try an ice tea or Coke (add whiskey or vodka for the grownup version).




How cute is this snack bag! Use the same duct tape laces to decorate the paper bags to make them look like a football, then fill with some favorite Super Bowl Game snacks.



If you want to dress the part.

Check out our fun selection of game socks:


For the Kids


Year of the Fire Rooster


Image result for chinese new year

Image by Ricardo Bonasia


Chinese New Year (AKA Lunar New Year) starts this Saturday! With it, we welcome the year of the Fire Rooster.

Did you know that not only is each year associated with an animal sign but also one of five elements: Gold, wood, water, fire or earth.

The animal zodiac cycles every 12 years, the elements cycle through every 60 years.

Find out more about your chinese zodiac sign HERE.

The New Year is a huge deal in China. Unlike the USA where it lasts one day, in China, the celebration lasts for two weeks and is filled with family, food, festivities and fireworks.


A Doodle Doo Crew

New Year, New Socks

Introducing new K. Bell Spring Styles for our first Blog Post in 2017!

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite styles that are now available on


#1 Days of the Week 6 Pair Pack


Picking socks for the week have never been easier with our Days of the Week 6 Pair Pack (with a bonus pair for 7).  Each pair helps you celebrate the day of the week, ensuring you never attend Taco Tuesday unprepared.

#2 New American Made socks for Men

What’s more American than Football or Baseball? American made Football and Baseball socks. 😉

#3 Kid’s Sneaker 6 Pair Pack

One of our most popular styles are now available for Kids! Who doesn’t love socks that look like shoes.



Holiday Sock Season

The holiday season is upon us and we have the socks that you’ll want to wear to show your holiday cheer. You’ll love our Christmas themed novelty socks and Merino wool socks will keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long.

Secret Santa Sock

Secret Santa Sock

Spread Christmas cheer when you wear our Secret Santa Sock and our other Christmas novelty socks.

Holiday Penguins Sock

Holiday Penguins Sock

Holiday Owls Crew Sock

Holiday Owls Crew Sock


Look just as adorable as these Holiday Owls do when you pair them with your Santa hat.

Snowy Snowman Crew Sock

Penguin Christmas Tree Crew Socks

Penguin Christmas Tree Crew Socks

Grumpy Cat Socks for the Holidays

We won’t leave men out of our holiday fun! We have Grumpy Cat socks that they will love.

Men's Grumpy Cat HoHo No Crew Sock

Men’s Grumpy Cat HoHo No Crew Sock

Men's Grumpy Cat Bah Humbug Crew Sock

Men’s Grumpy Cat Bah Humbug Crew Sock


Of course we also have a Christmas Grumpy Cat Sock for women.




Wool Socks



Our women’s Merino Wool blend crew socks are a winner this winter. Made from a luxurious merino wool and polyester blend, they’re the perfect fashion socks to keep your feet warm.

Nordic Snowflake Knee High

Nordic Snowflake Knee High


Jacquard Fair Isle Knee High

Jacquard Fair Isle Knee High