Sleigh Bell, Jingle Bell, and the BEST Bell = K. Bell!!!

Thank you to all who participated, our winner has been chosen!

Check back next Thursday for another chance to win! 

It’s not exactly going to be a white Christmas in LA, but that doesn’t stop us from spreading holiday cheer!! Decorations are up in and outside of the office and people are really getting into the spirit! This week’s give away is going to be a pair of our holiday socks! Comment below and tell us your holiday plans to be entered to win these socks!

Love, the K. Bell Family

7 thoughts on “Sleigh Bell, Jingle Bell, and the BEST Bell = K. Bell!!!”

  1. Dianna Thomas says:

    These are so cute– with the little santa/elf pup– Merry Christmas to all the K.Bell Family enjoy your Holiday

  2. Who doesn’t love wearing cute Christmas socks?! Cute, cute!

  3. Sudo Knight says:

    I am happily leaving Michigan for a couple weeks to visit my grand children in GA and VA. Probably no snow in GA but we had enough last year to last a life time. Maybe some snow in VA, they get some every now and then. My grand babies are 1,3 and 5, precious little ones!

  4. Fiona says:

    Spend time with my family! :]

  5. Lincy L Han says:

    Lake Tahoe snow trip with my boyfriend and his friends!

  6. Sway says:

    OMG. These are so awesome!!!!!!!! My friend Mary told me about this site and it’s soo cute!! Well, for my plans, I am entered in about 3 Secret Santas!!!!!!! Money is a little low obviously because of the economy, but I love giving gifts because it makes people happy!!! 😀 Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I am so glad it’s almost here !! I am in college, so I will be visiting my family sooooon !! I have to travel to two different places in the to visit my siblings, nieces, and nephew & back to the bay area to visit my parents !! (: I’m so so so so excited to see my family because I haven’t seen them in soooo long because of school. BRING ON THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT & CHRISTMAS CHEER !! Woooo 😀

  7. Thank you for all you do– these are so sweet

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