Summer is Coming- Ways to work socks into your summer wardrobe

For us sock lovers, summer can be brutal.

So this year I have come up with some fabulous ways to work socks into your summer wardrobe.


1) Closed toe flats are always in style, but sweaty feet are not.  The solution is Extreme No Show Liners!

Say bye to smelly and sweaty feet! These are made with cotton, so all that moisture will be absorbed, keeping your feet nice and dry.



2) Add a little flare to your style by paring some light and fabulous socks with heels.  Add some frills or sheer details to your basic pumps!

Photo cred: Ricarda Schernus


3) Get in the summer spirit with tropical themed socks!



4) Stock up on gym socks! Wear fun socks will working on that perfect beach bod.



How do you wear socks in the summer?


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