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The Perfect Sock for Mom

Mothers Day is coming up, and since every mom is different, it would be unfair to pick out the same sock for every mom.

So I decided to do a quick Mother’s Day Gift Guide for ¬†5 different types of Moms.

Which one is your mom?


1) For the Mom who knows how to PARTY: The “HOT Mess” sock.


2) For the Mom with the Sweet tooth: “Macaroon Sock”

She’s probably going to get some chocolates already, pair that with something sweet for her feet.


3) For the pet mom: The “Cat Tails” or the “Happy Dogs” Sock

4) For the Fashion Mom: The Textured Floral Knee High Sock


5) Sporty Mom: the “Keep Calm and Golf On” or “Tennis Diva” Sock



TV Moms- Which One Are You?

Which TV Mom are you like, or which one best represents your Mother?

Mrs. Brady- Kind and with snazzy fashion sense.
Socks For Mom

We think Mrs. Brady would wear these peace lovin’ socks.

Mrs. Huxtable- Intelligent, and she could tell when Cliff was up to something.
Socks for Mother's Day

We think Mrs. Huxtable would wear microfiber tights, for those courtroom scenes.

Mrs. Simpson- Sweet, and a tad naive.
Socks for Mother

We think Mrs. Simpson would wear love socks even if she doesn’t play tennis, she’s just a romantic.

Don’t forget- Mother’s Day is May 9!