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Send Your Love!

Thank you to all who participated, our winner has been chosen!

Check back next Thursday for another chance to win! 

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sending a gift just right for you!

I’ll have you know that I love you so. From the top of your head to your pinky toe.

I hope you like what the postman brought.  Happy Valentine’s Day with K. Bell’s Socks with Thoughts!

Our Valentine Socks with Thoughts are perfect to send to anyone.  Share with us what you are thinking of getting your Valentine for a chance to win!

Love & Socks!

Give a Thoughtful Gift!

If you’re like me, you haven’t even thought about what to get everyone for the holidays yet! Luckily K. Bell can help! Send loved ones a wearable greeting with our Socks with Thoughts! Each sock comes on an insert with plenty of room to write a personal message and a colorful envelope to send anywhere! Everyone loves adorable comfy socks to wear, and this week we are giving away all six, yes SIX, of our holiday Socks with Thoughts collection! Comment below and tell us who you would send a Sock with Thoughts to, and be entered to win one of the holiday sets!

Some are Silver and Some are Gold!

This week is national new friends and old friends week. Like the old saying says, make new friends but keep the old ones. There are few things in life that you are able to count on, but friends are always there for you. We took a walk down memory lane and wanted to share some of our favorite famous friends!
No matter how wild Calvin’s ideas were Hobbes was always there to help him try out his scheme, cover for him when he’d gone to far, or be the voice of reason in a desperate situation.

Fred & Barney, though always seeming to be at eachother’s throat in reality they’re just like your dad and his best friend, passionate about dinosaurs, their rockin’ (literally) mobiles, and their uber babe wives.

My favorite cat and dog duo, Garfield and Odie, are typical for their breeds: Garfield giving on an air of independence and Odie so desperate to be loved and needed. Although an often one sided relationship we know when Jon is looking those two are curled up on the couch watching out for each other.

Perhaps one of the most classic duos, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, they show us what BFF really means! Although we really wish Snoopy would have told Charlie to change his shirt once in awhile.

Rocky and Bullwinkle had it hard always having to dodge the malicious Boris and kniving Natasha, no matter what the get away plan was, they were always there flying and fighting to help eachother out!

Ditzy, scared, and a little wacky are the first words that come to mind to describe Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Always getting themselves into spooky situations, we can imagine them doing it alone!

We hope these friends inspire you to call your friends, send them a note, or maybe send them some Socks with Thoughts!

Socks with Thoughts Testimonials!

We’re crazy about our Socks with Thoughts! The wearable greeting that you can send to your friends and family for every and any occasion! These greetings come wrapped up in a pair of brightly colored socks all you have to do is write your personalized note, throw them in the included envelope, pop some postage on there and put them in the mail!

Read below what some happy Socks with Thoughts customers have said about their experiences:

“My 91 year old grandmother received a pair and thought they were “so pretty,” and they are too pretty to wear so she has them displayed on her vanity”

“Everytime I wear these socks I think of the person who gave them to me – what a great way to start the day”

“I sent these to my mom and when she received them she called me at work crying telling me she loved me! I sent her the “you are my heart and sole” and added in my note. She said she loved it and it made her feel so special.”

We even received a picture from Maria showing us how she used them for her friend’s baby shower, including them in the diaper cake she made!

Check out the video here and you can get yours here!

Holiday Socks with Thoughts

Whether we choose to believe it or not the year is quickly coming to end and the holidays are just around the bend! While stocking up on gifts consider these for stocking stuffers, present toppers, or just a reminder that you are thinking of them! Socks with Thoughts come with their own evelope to make mailing easy! We’ve put up two new 3 packs on our website!!

As well this week we are doing a Twitter and Facebook giveaway for you to have the chance to win some of these great Socks with Thoughts!

Socks with Thoughts Give Away!!!

It’s time again for another sock giveaway!!! We’ll be giving away 5 three packs of Socks with Thoughts to 5 lucky winners two different times this month, the first being this Friday (the 9th) and the next being 23rd! How fun is that?! So you want to know how to enter? For this first drawing all you have to do is like us on our Facebook page and send us a message or follow us on Twitter and send us a direct message there. Its that simple!!! If you are looking to buy some Socks with Thoughts we have a special going on right now if you purchase 3 sets or more receive 30% off, that’s like getting one set free!!!

Socks with Thoughts are great for every occasion! Here at K.Bell we recently sent out Socks with Thoughts to our friends and family and look how they’ve been used!!! This very creative and adorable diaper cake features some Congratuations Socks with Thoughts!

What creative things would you do with them?

Wearable Greetings to Send to Your Camper!

Summer camp is coming up quickly! Sending your kids off can be a hard thing to do and making sure you send them off with all the right things is a feat in itself. While the kids are away, you will want to let them know you are always thinking of them, so send them some “Socks with Thoughts”! Not only will it make them smile to get something from back home, but our little no show socks are sure to get tons of use too!!! There’s tons of options from BFF’s to Birthdays, we’ve got you covered!
Good Luck, Congratulations, Celebrate-3 Pair Pack

Happy+Birthday, Sunshine To/From, Happy Birthday
BFF’s, Happy+Birthday, Rockin’ Birthday-3 Pair Pack

Socks With Thoughts: A Splash of Color

Shoes, Zoe & Zac for Payless

As we mentioned previously, K Bell has launched its latest campaign, Socks With Thoughts. These socks are sold in a 3-pair pack, according to whichever message you would like to send to a friend, family member, or loved one.

Best of all, these socks are fun! These stylish (yet necessary) clothes for your toes come in an array of various bright colors. Add a splash of color for your feet this summer — these socks are light enough to wear with slippers or low sneakers even when the temperature rises. If you’re the receiving end of these gifts, you can mix and match the socks or layer them instead. If you’d prefer to keep them tucked in, these ankle socks are short enough to be discrete in some platforms and wedges, too!

Snatch them up while you still can: right now, if you purchase 3 sets or more, you can save 30% when you enter the coupon code SWT21 at checkout.

Socks With Thoughts: Happy Birthday!

Everyone is in need of stylish socks, so what better accessory to give to someone than ours?

K Bell now makes socks for just about every special occasion, whether it’s wishing someone happy birthday, congratulating them, or hoping that they get well soon. The socks are a great addition to a multiple-gift birthday present; however, they do come with brightly colored, cute envelopes in case you need to send them to someone quickly.

Show your friends and loved ones that they’re worth a fashionably unique present!