The Best Fashion Advice Your Mother Gave You…

Mother’s Day is May 9, and we thought we would honor Mothers by compiling their words of wisdom. While not all Mothers may be as fashionable as Miranda and Charlotte, from Sex and the City, they still mean well!

What advice did your Mother give you about fashion that maybe at the time you didn’t value, but you do now? Was it funny? brutally honest? or just a random statement?

Tell us in comments or on Twitter– any fashion tips, hints, “I told you so’s”, or advice from Mom.

We’ll select some answers to get free K. Bell Socks!

One thought on “The Best Fashion Advice Your Mother Gave You…”

  1. Gloria Summers says:

    My mom told me not to follow the crowd, even the fashion crowd. I learned that warm, comfy socks were a lot better than nylons that all the “cool girls” wore. As a girl, my knee highs were worn with skirts, dresses, and after school with slacks. I still wear holiday socks out of season. As I write this, I’m wearing my Halloween witch socks. And my tootsies are still warm and toasty. Mom sure was right on this one!

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