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HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR! We hope that your holidays were spectacular and that Santa brought just what you wanted! Now that it’s almost 2012, it’s time to think about new years resolutions. The most common resolution is to loose weight but here we would like to share a little bit of GOOD KARMA with everyone.

Today’s give away is a pair of our good karma socks! Who doesn’t need a little bit of good karma?!! Comment below and tell us what your new years resolution is to be entered in this weeks contest!

Happy 2012!

6 thoughts on “THREE, TWO, ONE…”

  1. sue knight says:

    My New Years promise is to take better care of my health. My children are in their late 30’s and just starting to have my grandchildren and I want to be able to enjoy them for years to come.
    I need good Karma!

  2. Lincy L Han says:

    Sleep early if I have nothing to do! (rather than surf the web until 2am)

  3. Jan Seymour says:

    2012 will be the year of ‘ORGANIZATION’. I will get my house in order and organize my quilting projects so that my house doesn’t look like an explosion of a fabric store after a weekend sale. (Or have I made the same resolution for the past two years?)

  4. Benjamin Utley says:

    My new years resolution is to complete an olympic length triathlon!! Did a sprint Tri in December

  5. Jean Rhyner says:

    would love another of these socks they are great

  6. Ditto–eat healthier–except things I can not change–not to be so hard on myself–

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