World’s Greatest Dad …

We have put together a great gift guide to help find that perfect gift for Dad.

1. Men’s Xtremely Soft Crew:  So simple, they’re perfect for any dad!

2. Men’s All Over Ties Crew: Dad won’t need to wear a tie with these!

3. Men’s Video Game Color Blocks: Got a gamer dad? He will get the high score in these!

4. Men’s Rugby Stripe:  Basic rugby stripe sock; perfect for all dads! Comes in two other colors!!

5. Men’s Argyle Sock: Argyles go great with anything! Comes in two other colors!!

6. Men’s Shark Sock: Dads will get a bite outa life with these! (and maybe a couple laughs!)

7. Men’s Striped Liner 2-Pack: Perfect for summer weather, these liners are designed to not be seen while wearing shoes

AND while you are at pick yourself up some goodies, like our 6 pair pack No Shows!

 Comment below for a chance to win Dad’s gift!

and check out Kate & Kayleigh’s latest video HERE 

5 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Dad …”

  1. Laura says:

    I have been racking my brain for a Father’s Day present for my dad, and I think he would like the shark socks- he would think they were funny (in a very good way) 😀

  2. deb p says:

    What dad wouldn’t like a pair of shark socks?

  3. Elaine Atkinson says:

    These are cool, but I’d really like to see a pair with computers/modems/laptops, etc. =)
    P.S. The traveling socks video made me laugh. 😉

  4. Fiona says:

    My dad would love the shark socks! xD

  5. Lincy L Han says:

    The shark ones are too awesome!

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